Jenae is a program manager at Google supporting the Google Research space. She is based in Dallas, Texas and has been working in tech for over 6 years. She has been able to exercise her interests in technology to create passion projects along the way to fuel her commitment to the community that she originates from.  


Her career in tech started while attending Georgia State University where she worked in tech-retail. Her career journey has exposed her to a dedication to contribute her efforts to streamline STEM resources and opportunities back into to the black community. Jenae is a community advocate that aims to use her unique skill sets to increase the representation of black+ people and organizations in the tech space.


Jenae is also the author of Standing United, a racial equity resource and hub that is designed to educate masses on the value of allyship as we fight for systemic reform. Her work has gone viral within Google, other major tech companies like AT&T, as well as other businesses (including education).


Jenae's career journey makes her a creative value add for racial equity reform workshops, career development discussions,  and personal development inquiries.


Reach out below if you are interested in her skillsets or appearance at an upcoming event. 


Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.

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